Ergonomics Training for Employees and Safety Teams


We provide a variety of training services. All programs are tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.

Ergonomics Training for Employees (30 – 60 minutes)

Power Point presentation and instructional session given to a group of employees. Ergonomics training enables employees to take a proactive approach to creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Training focuses on:

  • Injury prevention
  • Office workstation set-up
  • Proper adjustment of equipment
  • Healthy work habits
  • Computer and vision issues
  • Posture and body mechanics

Safety Team Training Instructional course given to your in-house safety team.

Designed to help staff identify and solve basic ergonomic issues in the workplace and establish an effective, company-wide program.

This training focuses on:

  • Understanding proper ergonomics
  • Common workplace injuries
  • Equipment options and placement
  • Risk factor identification
  • Evaluation checklists

Includes hands-on guidance to perform ergonomic assessments.

I am totally impressed by Renee. A complete professional, she’s very knowledgeable about available ergonomic products. But she’s also friendly and an excellent listener. I explained how I had discomfort in my lower back, which she eliminated by switching my desktop to one that moves up and down so I can alternate standing and sitting. She also took care of my sore right thumb by changing the type of mouse I use. No more pain! I can’t thank Renee enough!
Monique Nelson
Deputy Clerk-Recorder, County of San Luis Obispo Clerk-Recorder