Ergo Evaluations for Office and Industrial Workplaces

Ergo Evaluations

An assessment of the workstation enables the individual to optimize their work environment by addressing safety, comfort, and productivity.

Evaluations can be provided for office or industrial settings.

Standard Ergo Assessment (1 hour):

This assessment is appropriate for employees with work-related pain/discomfort, employees with physician’s recommendations for an ergo evaluation, and those returning from surgery or injury. It is also designed for those with "high risk" or computer-intensive jobs such as data entry, call centers, or materials handling.

The assessment identifies current risk factors and focuses on workspace and equipment design, posture and body mechanics, task analysis, correct adjustment of equipment, and safe work practices. A comprehensive report will be provided. Report includes photos and will detail specific purchase recommendations, work place adjustments, and work habit modifications.

Worker’s compensation assessments for insurance companies are available as well.

Mini Ergo Assessment (30 minutes):

This assessment is designed for the low-risk employee and those who want to be proactive about ergonomic safety. Assessment focuses on proper adjustment of equipment, posture training, safe work habits, and injury prevention. This evaluation is useful for new hires, or when upgrading office equipment, renovating, or relocating.

A brief report detailing purchase recommendations and work habit modifications will be provided.

Follow-Up (15 minutes):

Intended for employees who received either a standard or mini ergo assessment. This visit is designed to ensure that workstation recommendations and equipment modifications have been properly implemented. A review of work habit recommendations and correct body posture is included.

Renee Chernila is an ergonomics dynamo. She’s been my hero twice in the past 4 years and each time she was able to fit me in within a week despite our complex schedules. I spend long hours in front of a computer and microscope, and she created specific and effective strategies to improve my chronic aches and pains. She’s energetic, detail-oriented, organized and an excellent listener. Above all, she is compassionate and saw our projects through to the end. I whole heartedly recommend Renee – she’s extraordinary.
Monica R. Phillips, MD
Director of Cytopathology, Department of Pathology, Cottage Health System